Day 18 – The Cincinnati Zoo, a factory for cheesecakes, and wtf is with the pharmaceuticals adverts?

• Leaving the hotel on the northern side of Cincinnati, we headed towards the city and visited the Cincinnati Zoo. Erin was a huge fan. They had a couple of elephants, some manatee (oh the huge manatee!), some hippos, various forms of monkeys, and a little train that I wasn’t allowed to go on. They also had things like plovers and honey eaters and kangaroos so that was a nice taste of home.

• We found some huge Bees flying around in the gardens, which I reckon should be called Double Dees.

• After the zoo we headed towards Louisville, but pulled up on the outskirts to get those sweet hotel rates. We stopped off at Cheesecake Factory for late lunch / early dinner and they sell all sorts of hamburgers and what not as well, not just cheesecake. Not sure why they rolled with that have to be honest?

• Stopped off at a Kruger’s to buy supplies, which included a pillow thanks to a Facebook suggestion. Hopefully I can just use my memory foam pillow and throw the pancakes off the bed. Store was in the middle of a fairly small township area yet is absolutely enormous. Crazy how so many massive shops are able to survive.

• TV adverts are crazy, spamming drugs and telling you to buy all these pretty potent chemicals. “Ask your doctor for Splexinocotics” or something, as if the doctor is just there to have over whatever drugs you feel you need based on a TV ad. They play a disclaimer which is like “may cause cancer, probably will cause tumours, will definitely cause constipation and or diarrhoea, side effects may include premature death” and the footage playing is all people smiling and laughing like all these hugely negative side effects are nothing to worry about.


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