Day 25 – Off to Waco for a Dr Pepper pilgrimage and Fixer Upper Silobration

• After waking up and hunting through the bedding for our tiny pillows, it was time for an actually very nice hotel breakfast and then on the road because we had a very important date with the best museum on the trip – the Dr Pepper museum!

Prior to the museum, an executive decision was made that my ear mullets required trimming. By that, I mean that Erin told me I need to go get a haircut. I did extensive research and found the closest place that was open. It was called “Sports Clips” and their big spiel is that you can watch sports while they cut your hair. As everyone is aware, I love sports so much so this was obviously a huge draw card. Because I was a first time customer, I got a sweet deal on the premium package which involved a hot towel, and a hair wash, AND a massage! This was carried out to the barest minimum by a disinterested hairdresser, the “massage” was 18 seconds with one of those vibrating Brillo pads, and then I was given the screen to pay with a suggested 25% tip. American customer service in a nutshell, in my experience so far.

• With my fresh cuts and looking fly, we started to leave but Erin got distracted by a pet shop. In we went to buy souvenirs for the puppies. I can see our future and it involves excess baggage charges. They have some unique pets on the go – Tarantulas, chameleons, poisonous frogs, and Glofish which are genetically modified fish that produce bioluminescence. Not sure how I feel about the ethics of that, but I don’t know enough about it to get on a high horse just yet. With the car overflowing with presents for the puppies, it was back enroute to the Dr Pepper museum.

• The museum is right on the site where it was originally produced, so this was basically a pilgrimage to the holy land for me. To celebrate the visit, I bought a hat. It has holes in it. It is a holy hat.

• The site was an artisan well, so they built the factory around the well for convenience and to guarantee access back in the crazy geyser city days of Waco. They pumped the water up to the top of the building and used gravity to move the product through the process to then be bottled on the ground floor. So clever, I guess that’s why they were doctors.

• At the end of the museum you get to choose a drink. You have two guesses as to what I chose. Erin also chose the same, and then gave it to me! So I had two Dr Peppers. This trip has a new highlight.

• Since Erin allowed me to go the Dr Pepper museum, next in the agenda was a trip to the Magnolia silos. These are old grain silos which were done up by Chip and Jo from Fixer Upper, and is now a little complex with a bakery / coffee shop / home decor type shops. If you’re looking for a “Live, Laugh, Love” sign, they’ve probably got one, and a throw cushion, and a plastic plant to stick around your whitewashed fireplace.

• Because we’re so organised, we arranged to get here in time for their 20 year “Silobration” (I do enjoy a good pun) so they had musicians playing, a heap of tents selling earrings and other handcrafted junk, and a heap more “Live, Laugh, Love” signs. We participated by buying a cup, and a coffee (unrelated to the cup), and a muffin. Hey big spenders! 🎺,🎺,🎺🎺!

• Headed to a nearby park to go for a wander while we were there, and were trying to decide if they have squirrels in Texas. Next minute, approximately a million squirrels appeared in the trees. So the answer is definitely yes they have squirrels. Also a bird that looks like a miniature crow called a Gackle which makes cool noises.

• After the park, it was time to tick another famous chain off the list. This time it was In-N-Out burgers turn for some love. They remind me of what McDonald’s started out as – all of two menu options available, take it or leave it. Having said that, you can substitute the bun for lettuce so they’re not totally afraid of a little flair. Unlike McDonald’s, however, they are slow as blazes. They do make their fries straight from the potato though which is cool. Potatoes go in a machine, fries come out. Also the burgers tasted better than McDonald’s standard fair. AND… Dr Pepper on tap. All in all, not a bad place to snack if you’re not in a rush.

• Finally, some late night washing to make sure we don’t turn up to our next stop smelling stale. Really getting the hang of this washing business. Laptop came for a ride to book the next hotel because why plan in advance when you can…. not plan in advance…. and just rely on the internet to save you?

Next stop – more Texas!


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