Day 27 – Paris with a cowboy hat, the worlds smallest skycraper, a giant shovel… it’s non-stop excitement in Witchita Falls

• Today, we decided to add some French to our holiday with a quick stop at Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. So off we headed to Paris, Texas. I’m pretty sure it’s basically the same thing.

• Another quick beagle pat and we were on our way. Practicing our Oui Ouis and our bonjours, we pulled up to the Eiffel Tower…. with a cowboy hat on it. Howdy, monsieur. Y’all want some escargot? It was almost exactly the same size, give or take a little bit.

The town of Paris has some quaint buildings, and we ducked in to a neat little cafe for some snacks. They were super flustered because they had a “huge group” coming in, which turned out to be 8 people. Also that didn’t have Dr Pepper… They had “Doctor Doctor” which was an alternative made from cane sugar instead of corn syrup, so that was acceptable.

• After saying au revoir to Paris, we headed to Witchita Falls. Why? Because it has two incredible landmarks I didn’t want to miss.

• The first landmark was the world’s littlest skyscraper. Built by a fraudster who sold the idea is the building to investors by listing it’s dimensions in inches instead of feet, it’s now a historical landmark. At only 3M wide, the stairs take up around half the available floor space. In classic US fashion, it closed early so we didn’t get to see the museum inside. It seems like everything here opens late and closes early.

• The second landmark was the giant shovel. It’s pretty big, I guess. If you position yourself right you can hilariously make it look like a normal size shovel. And if you’re athletic enough, you can climb up on it and pretend to dig with a huge shovel. The fun never stops!

• We also checked out a nearby park called Lucy Park which is like 180 acres of public land. It has a pond in it called “Duck Pond”. It had ducks in it.

• Despite our initial misgivings about staying in Wichita Falls, it was actually a very nice hotel. Aside from the shovel and the tiny building I think about the only other activity here is the “Hotter’N Hell” bike ride which is a 100 mile road bike race held in August each year so it’s… hot. 46°C hot, or 115°F in the local dialect. Seems like a spectacularly stupid thing to do but I am not the boss of any of the competitors so they can do what they like. Personally I’ll stick to the shovel, and to a lesser extent the tiny building.

• Also I found out that Google Fi is not unlimited. It’s unlimited*. The asterisk stands for 50GB of data. Keep that in mind, future travellers!


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