Faxes are still a thing in 2024?

Today at work we received a fax. I forgot we had a fax number. It was spam (apparently a rich relative overseas died and all I need to do is pay some legal fees…) but it was a good reminder that we can still receive faxes should the need arise.

The last fax we received prior to today was in July 2022. That was also spam. From the same person I suspect, because the template is identical and only a few names have been changed. Copies below, just in case you want to try your luck getting your hands on what should be my millions.

I think the only place that still uses faxes is Japan, and doctors. That probably means Japanese doctors send a LOT of faxes. Not too sure, everything I learned about Japan I got by listening to BABYMETAL.

March 2024

July 2022


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