Day 6 – Las Vegas sucks but the food is good

• Started the day with a sleep in, which at the cost of the hotel meant it was probably the most expensive couple of hours sleep I’ve ever had.

• Then for the first time in our lives, we used a laundromat! Talk about a cross section of society… from the rich and famous like us, to the people arriving in minivans with a heap of kids in tow to do what appeared to be a metric tonne of washing, to solo people with a single duffle bag of workwear, to the fellow travellers who couldn’t afford the exorbitant prices of the Vegas hotels which was definitely not us we just wanted to support smaller local businesses. For reference, we did a week’s washing for two people + ubered there and back for less than the cost of washing two shirts and a pair of socks at the hotel.

• In another lifetime first, we folded our clothes after washing instead of dumping them in a pile. I can see why we’ve never bothered – that was boring and time consuming. Once the novelty of being responsible adults wore off, it was tedious. Sorry clothes, it’s back to crinkle town for you.

• Las Vegas got a few more degrees on its redemption arc after introducing us to Nacho Daddy where a lovely waitress hooked us up with Fajita Nachos (together at last!), and chocolate churros. Also Margaritis in various forms, including frozen which went down entirely too easily.

• Went for a wander and found a shopping mall thingo under the casinos/hotels that is so big they’ve gone and painted the roof like a sky and it legit feels like an open air market affair. Kinda dystopian in a way, I can see our future where we spend our entire lives inside buildings.

• Decided to go all out and double the number of helicopter flights we’ve ever been on… by taking a second. This one was an evening flight over the strip which was really cool. You really do have to admire the engineering behind things like the sphere stadium thing that is covered in LED screens and plays all sorts of awesome animations. As we flew over it was an under the sea view, with jellyfish and what not flapping around.

• We saw Trump tower. What a knob, hope he ends up in jail.

• Then, because it’s Vegas, we participated in some gambling because apparently that’s where all the fun is! We put in $10, pressed a button three or four times, and then in less than a minute we had $0. Man, what a rush. I can definitely see why people get addicted.

• Then we headed back to the hotel because we’ve got an early flight tomorrow, and thought we’d have some PF Chang’s that was leftover from last night’s dinner. The room has a microwave so we were all set to enjoy some delicious honey chicken… but in classic expensive hotel fashion, the cupboards were bare. No plates, no glasses, no cutlery. Literally just empty cupboards and a sign saying you have to request utensils if you want them. Luckily PF Chang’s had our back and packed us some forks.

• Tomorrow is NYC day, so it’s early night and early morning. Booked an Uber for 5am so hopefully someone is awake then to transport us. Knowing this places they’ll probably still be driving people home from the casinos at that time…


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