Day 7 – New York, New York!

• Started the day bright and early with a domestic flight from Vegas to NYC. Just in case you hadn’t lost your house gambling already, there’s pokies to play in the airport, which people were. At 5am. On a Sunday.

• We took off in a desert, and landed in a surprising amount of greenery. It was quite nice to see the colour green again actually.

Once we landed in NYC, I was pretty disappointed that people didn’t clap. I’d heard that was a meme and I was looking forward to it 🙁

• Everyone did do the classic “jump up the second the plane lands, and then stand around awkwardly in the aisles for half an hour cause we aren’t allowed to disembark yet” though, so I’ll take that consolation prize.

• We took an Uber from the airport to our hotel, which came with a receipt approximately a mile long for the various surcharges and tolls to enter the city. It was like $30USD in trip fees, and another $40USD in fees and tolls.

• We did a bit of a wander around NYC cause we’re staying right next to Times Square. This may be a slight understatement, but it’s quite busy. Erin is really enjoying the constant horns, and I’m really enjoying the overwhelming mass of people everywhere.

• Someone recommended a pizza joint called Carnegie Pizza so we gave that a try, and man… they got these garlic knots which are like RARd garlic bread. I dunno how they do it but it’s like there’s approximately a kilo of garlic in each 100g garlic knot. I apologise in advance to the rest of the guests in this hotel cause the AC is central and I had many garlic knots. Also the pizza was pretty great, but the real star of the show was definitely those little garlic balls.

• Tomorrow is another early one, off on a 4 day tour of Niagara Falls, an Amish Paradise (and I’m definitely going to have that song stuck in my head), and that sort of stuff.


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