Day 12 – Back to NYC for Museum of the dog, a Stantent Island ferry trip, and a lost passport

• Today we spent a decent amount of time organising an emergency replacement passport, because someone (who I shall not name because she already feels bad enough about it) left their passport wallet (including a rather substantial amount of cash, which I am definitely not bitter and twisted about) at the hotel we stayed at. Despite a frantic phone call to the hotel, apparently it’s definitely not there. The fact it was full of money I am sure played no part in its disappearance.

• Luckily, a very handsome and charming and charismatic person (who I will not name as I am too humble for that level of public praise) came up with the brilliant idea of putting half the cash in each wallet, so our losses weren’t as bad as it could have been. Shouldn’t need to create a GoFundMe to get home, but if anyone in the US does have an excess of money that they need to dispose of, I am willing to assist. I believe this is called money laundering right? You give me money, and I launder it in to Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, and tickets to tourist attractions.

• Australian consulate actually super helpful, and we could talk real Australian for a while which was nice. We talked in base 10 units of measurement, we said “strewth”, and discussed thongs without it being dirty. Also they organised a replacement passport for Monday, fingers crossed that comes through cause we’re supposed to be halfway across Pennsylvania by Monday PM.

• Took the subway downtown as they say here, which was certainly an experience. Those trains do not give a fsck and absolutely hammer between stations. It’s actually cool as heck, but you definitely need to be hanging on to something or you’re going A over T. Crazy how old it all is down there, but everything still works a treat.

• Checked it the Ground Zero memorial pools, which are certainly big holes in the ground. Originally intended to go to the 9/11 Memorial, but the line was longer than the towers ever were tall so we opted for a quick ferry ride to Staten Island. The big orange floatyboi is completely free, and is another unique experience. Between hands out for money, screaming matches on the phone, drug fiends switching between nodding and talking to thin air, and just the generally colourful characters on board it certainly is an interesting experience everyone needs to have while they’re here.

• The ferry passes some big statue of a lady holding a flaming torch. I think she’s famous in some way. You can also take a tour to the state and island itself, but that was another super crowded route we gave a miss to. Everything famous here is super crowded which sucks all the fun out of it when you’re constantly cheek to jowl and being pushed in/out/shake it all about in lines and queues.

• After another unique subway experience back to Grand Central station, we found a place called The Museum Of Dogs so obviously we were drawn to that one like moths to a flame. It wasn’t real expensive to get in ($15USD a pop) but it’s also super small. The biggest disappointment was the lack of Dogs Playing Poker, and very few beagles in the displays. I have submitted my feedback to the museum that late 1600s paintings of dogs are well and good, but nothing beats the classics.

• Grabbed Subway for dinner, and forgot myself for a moment and got a large drink which meant approximately 4L of soft drink. Ate in one of the many public parks in Manhattan (this one called Bryant Park being fairly large compared to most), at which point a tour bus with stadium seats mounted in it came past and watched us? What a strange tour that is – come drive around and stare at people for a bit! That is the second strangest tour bus I have seen in the city so far, the first being “tea around town” which is a double decker bus that serves Devonshire tea at tables while you lap the vicinity of Times Square. After laughing at how stupid it was we both suddenly decided we wanted to do it, but at $300 for 90 minutes of scones and English Breakfast we decided to invest our money in literally anything else (like maybe a passport… 🫢)

• Also we did more laundry! A laundromat smack bang in the middle of the city at 8pm on a Friday, what could go wrong? Turns out nothing and it was actually super easy and nice and quiet. The only downside is now have a heap of quarters weighing my pants down because they don’t take card.

• Tomorrow it’s attempt 2 at the 9/11 Memorial!


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