Day 13 – A rainy 9/11 Memorial and Chicago musical theatre

• Rain was forecast for all day, so we opted for indoor adventures today.

• Started the day with another subway trip, this one a lot less exciting then the last couple likely due to it being a little early for the more unique characters. The subway definitely makes getting around quick and easy, with trains coming every few minutes it feels like. I do wish Australian public transport was more useful and convenient.

Made it to the 9/11 Memorial early enough to get in without a big queue. We made it inside just as it started raining heavily so that was good timing.

• Seeing the physical objects and being in the actual location the whole thing happened was interesting, but there’s been so many documentaries about the event that there wasn’t really anything new to discover. In typical tourist fashion it’s ridiculously crowded so you don’t really get to look at things properly before someone else is shouldering their way in. It is cool how they’ve integrated the original footings in to the exhibit, and installed actual pieces of the tower alongside stories and photos of the part that item played on the day.

• After the memorial we took another subway ride to have a late lunch / early dinner. Had another go at Chick-fil-A which is actually delicious. It tastes like what your brain remembers KFC tasting like before your tongue realises the lie. Chick-fil-A definitely go ham on the sauces, you’d never accuse them of being stingy with the zesty buffalo. I reckon we ended up with half a dozen spares.

• Then we decided to check out one of the productions in Broadway, so it was off to Tkts where they sell last minute tickets for shows at discount prices. I’m not big on musical theatre but Chicago sounded famous so figured we’d give it a whirl. It was a pretty small theatre but it was really good, with the whole cast singing and dancing their little hearts out. The leading characters (do they still call them actors?) were real standouts which is probably why they were picked for the lead… the leading lady especially interacted with the crowd and the band for great comedy.

• There was a big old plot twist with one of the characters doing a bit of a gender swapsie… the lady singing in high operatic voice the whole show suddenly dropped off the wig and dress too reveal a muscular bloke with a booming deep voice. That’s what you get for assuming a gender, crowd!

• Another late night walk through Times Square seeing a heap of homeless, lots of dudes selling definitely legitimate Gucci handbags and Dior purses on the sidewalk, and every second tourist stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to take a selfie. Surprised at the amount of homeless just folding up a cardboard box and sleeping right in the middle of a place as busy as Times Square. I guess it’s safer to be in the middle of people?

• Bit of a quieter one today, mostly due to the fact it spent most of it raining. Tomorrow is Central Park day as the forecast shows a chilly day, but no rain. Perfect for another day of wandering around everywhere.


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