Day 30 – Stolen numberplates and our first full day of Beagle National

• Today was hire car return day, so to make the best use of the last hour or two of automotive freedom I ducked off to Starbucks to collect some bad coffees. When I wandered back out to the car, pumpkin spice cold brew in hand, I noticed our hire car looked a little naked. Ah… That’s because someone has stolen the front numberplate. Classic!

• Tried to report the theft to the Mesquite, TX police, but they said it had to be lodged online. Tried to lodge it online, and it wouldn’t allow me to lodge the report because my details weren’t valid US addresses. Gave up and took the car back to the rental mob so that could report it… but they didn’t really care? They seemed more impressed that I’d bought some cheap floor mats for the car than anything. Because it still had the back numberplate they didn’t seem to worried about replacing anything. I guess I’ll find out how much they cared when the bill lands. Or when the police start calling because “my” numberplates were used in a drive by or something 😬😬

• When we picked the car up it had no floor mats so I ducked in to Walmart to watch the funny people, and while I was there I grabbed some $14 mats so the carpet wouldn’t get buggered. I’m too well trained by Australian rental car companies who would charge you approximately $867+GST for floor mats, and probably ten times that for damage to the carpet if you returned it with shoe marks. The US return check was like… yep, the bumpers are still there. Tick.

• Total travel in the Durango was 3,168 miles (5,100km’ish). Fuel economy for the trip averaged out at 17.5mpg, which is around 13.5L/100k. Pretty rubbish considering we were mostly highway, but it was a V8 vroom vroom. Good thing we spent most of the driving time in the cheap fuel states, where “gas” was around $3/gallon, versus the $6/gallon of California.

• Once the car was returned, it was an Uber ride back to the puppy show to spend the rest of the day watching how America does a dog show. It’s pretty much the same as what we do, but with an accent. Also, way more classes thanks to the separation in to 13″ and 15″ standards. But otherwise, it’s pretty much Best In Show IRL.

• I didn’t take too many photos because I’m never too sure what I’m allowed to post without getting roused at by dog show people because the photo didn’t properly show their dogs hock, or wither, or stifles, or whatever. So just imagine every beagle was the best beagle which is actually true.

• Dinner was a return to Texas Roadhouse, this time with two new American beagle pals Terry and Dan. Good news – they can also vouch for the delicious dinner rolls. They had a hybrid van… maybe the next beagle bus 🤔

• More dog show tomorrow! So that’s good.


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