Day 31 – High stakes auctioning and 15″ showing at the Beagle National

• Today was dog show day, so minimal photos once again. I did quite enjoy breakfast, because it had waffles. In the shape of Texas. It’s this sort of attention to detail that I really enjoy.

• The whole show was held inside a convention centre, which means air conditioning. I can definitely see the appeal, especially once summer rolls around, but I do prefer the great outdoors with some shade. Especially since an outdoor event means toileting the puppies is super easy.

• There was a dinner and an auction, where people overpaid for stuff in the name of fundraising. Some things actually went way lower than I expected (like some 18-dickity-dick painting of a beagle hunt, and some giant wall tapestry things), and some things went for way more (like about a million dollars for a carton of some particular brand of beer, as is apparently the custom).

• We couldn’t really participate in the auction due to the fact we had to fit things in our luggage, but watching a “real” auctioneer do their thing was entertaining. Lots of “one dubbya dollars sharba larba pingpong wubbawubba HEY two dubbya dollars rubbadubdub HEY three dubbya dollars doyouwannabuyit asphinctersayswhat HEY four dubbya dollars Timtam Beary bear” and next minute someone’s getting gone once, twice, three times and SOLD to the bloke who was just scratching his nose but now owes like $500 for a dinner plate.

• The meal provided was a buffet which once again proved there are no exceptions to my rule that all buffet meals are terrible. There was only ever one exception, and that was Sizzler (RIP).

• Because they separate 13″ and 15″, today was all about the 15″ dogs. Tomorrow is the same classes again, but this time for the 13″.


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