Song Of The Day (18-01-2024) ~ Astrix – Deep Jungle Walk

My song of the day: Astrix – Deep Jungle Walk

This track is the greatest electronic music track of all time. It’s likely Psytrance or some other sub-genre of trance, but I’m making the bold claim that the entire heading of electronic music in all its forms is topped by this track.

Astrix is unfortunately Israeli, but we shall not let politics get in the way of the fact he has created some incredible music. The whole album from 2016 is amazing but the pinnacle is definitely Deep Jungle Walk.

Make sure you listen to it on something decent. Even your car stereo if its pumping. You need volume for this one and just lean back and soak in it for a while.

Been enjoying this one on the regular since release I suspect. Been chasing the dragon ever since trying to find another track that hits all the right spots like this, but so far no dice.


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