Song Of The Day (19-01-2024) ~ LORD – Set In Stone

My song of the day: LORD – End Of Days.

Yesterday I busted out what I consider to be the best electronic song ever… this time comes my nomination for best metal song of all time. Pretty contentious because there’s some big ones out there, but from a purely personal view this is a track that ticks all the boxes. Fanging guitars, screamy bois, drums that kick hard, and that delightful mix of melody and raaahhhh that just feels so good.

The whole Set In Stone album is fantastic, but the pinnacle is definitely End Of Days in my opinion. Other stand outs are the title track, and Forever which is a video clip worth checking out. The album ends with New Horizons which is super mellow. The video clip for that one is good too.

LORD are an Australian metal band that’s been around since 2003. Lord Tim founded Dungeon back in the day which was apparently popular? Bit before my time but it gets referenced a lot and toured with Megadeth so can’t have been too shabby. Andy Dowling runs a podcast and sells records and is generally a productive kinda bloke.

I really like their video clips – so good seeing Australian scenery and a nice little dab of comedy:

If you want a stupid amount of content, check out their Youtube channel – pretty much all their albums are on there to listen to:


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